Lil Wayne’s Daughter’s Acapella ”Freestyle” and an interview cut short off The Carter Documentary

I can only say ‘awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww’ after watching

the first minute or so of this video.

Little Reginae Carter is definately doing her thing:

”My Name is Reginae but you can call me baby Carter, They love me and the hate me cause im Weezy F’s Daughter”

She then goes on to say  ”my daddy gives me pay, they know i get lawless when i dont get my way”

Ohhhhh what it must be like to be Lil waynes off spring.

Maybe she will follow in her fathers footsteps one day?

The clip then goes on to show Weezy telling an interviewer that he

is not into brass band or second line interviews.

The dimwit interviewer then stupidly asks weezy if he writes down

his bars before hand.. come on now, how many times have we

heard, wayne does his thing when he gets to the studio?

And believe it or not, he then asked,

” so you have never done any kind of poetry that you wrote down?”

the reply to that question was…

”NO i dont wanna do poetry, im not in to poetry


You can only imagine how that interviewer must feel right now,

like a complete IDIOT maybe?

By the way, after that question; weezy ended the so called ‘interview’.


One Response to “Lil Wayne’s Daughter’s Acapella ”Freestyle” and an interview cut short off The Carter Documentary”

  1. reganae u look so pretty you to wayne carter

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